Revised Repair Terms and Conditions

**General Repair Services**
Nexxis Network Solutions commits to repairing your product as outlined and for the fees stated on your estimate or invoice, subject to any adjustments agreed upon either verbally or in writing. For products under warranty or extended service agreements, please directly contact the relevant manufacturer. Additional costs, including taxes and shipping, under your product's warranty or service agreement, as detailed on your estimate, are your responsibility. We may use third-party service providers for repairs.

**Specific Conditions for Repair Services**
- **As-Is Repairs:** For issues not disclosed at the time of repair, such as problems with peripherals or devices not presented with your laptop or PC, Nexxis Network Solutions holds no responsibility. It is essential to present the device in its original problem state for accurate service.
- **End-of-Life Devices:** Devices over 5 years old may have limited repair options due to unavailable parts. We will inform you promptly upon diagnosis if this situation arises.
- **Repair Fees:** Repair estimates are complimentary for specific devices (laptops, iPhones, iPads, Microsoft Surfaces). For other devices, a diagnostic fee (from $175 to $200) is applied, credited against your final bill if repairs are authorized. These fees are non-refundable and exclusive of other offers or discounts.

**Warranty and Non-Warranty Repairs**
- **Manufacturer Warranties:**
For warranty-covered products, contact the manufacturer directly. You are responsible for additional charges under the warranty or service agreement, including taxes and shipping.
- **Nexxis Network Solutions Warranty:** Post-repair, we provide a 30-day warranty on workmanship and materials, subject to terms specified by Nexxis Network Solutions. This does not extend to manufacturer or third-party warranties.

**Liability Limitations**
Nexxis Network Solutions, to the fullest extent permitted by law, is not liable for indirect or consequential damages from repair services. This includes data loss, business interruption, or other similar losses. Our liability is limited to repair or replacement costs of affected parts. We advise backing up data and removing sensitive information before service, as we cannot guarantee data integrity or confidentiality.

**Social Media and Dispute Resolution**
In case of service disputes, we encourage resolution through direct communication with Nexxis Network Solutions. Negative social media postings about our services may lead to liquidated damages of $3,500, chargeable to your credit card.

**Estimate Revisions**
If repairs require additional labor or parts not in the original estimate, we may revise the estimate for your approval. Refusal to approve may lead to return of your product with applicable fees.

**Parts Usage**
We may use new, used, or reconditioned parts. Replaced parts become our property, and the replacement part becomes yours. Extra costs may apply if law requires part return.

**Data Handling**
- **Data Transfer:**
We only transfer files and data you are legally entitled to copy. By authorizing service, you agree to software license terms.
- **Software Installation:** Clients are responsible for reinstalling licensed software. Nexxis Network Solutions is not liable for lost or erased licenses during service.

**Unclaimed Devices**
Devices unclaimed and unpaid 10 days post-repair notification may be considered abandoned and disposed of according to law.

**Deposits and Payments**
- **Deposits:** Non-refundable and applicable to final invoice. Part cancellations incur a 30% fee deducted from the deposit.
- **Payments:** Only online credit/debit card payments accepted, with a 4% processing fee. Full payment required before device collection.

**Late Fees**
- **Storage Fee:** $10 per day if device collection is delayed beyond 1 business day of notification.
- **Late Payment Fee:** The greater of $20 or 10% of the invoice for overdue payments.

**Governing Law**
These terms are governed by California law, excluding conflict of law provisions. Unenforceable provisions will be removed without affecting the remainder.

**Data Use Agreement**
By using our services, you acknowledge that Nexxis Network Solutions may collect and use your data as needed to fulfill service obligations, in line with our Privacy Policy.

**Amendments and Privacy Policy**
- **Policy Changes:**
Subject to periodic review and amendment. Changes apply from the date of posting on our website and to information previously held.
- **Effective Date:** This policy is effective as of November 1, 2000.

By availing of our services, you agree to these revised terms and conditions.

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