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Email, is an example of modern communication at its finest. Because of this it is important to make sure that you can send and receive those important messages. On-time receipt and response of email is essential. With our services you can be assured that your email will go when and where it is meant to.

Had Enough Of The Public Email System? Let’s Go Private.

The public email system is so polluted with email invaders — those creatures who will stop at nothing to get into your email box with unsolicited junk, viruses and spyware — isn’t it time we got a private, regulated email system?

And what about personal privacy? Every email we send and receive these days is stored forever on many ISP servers. As an example, most free email services never delete any email, which means if someone with a subpoena wants to see what you wrote five years ago, the free public email network must cough it up.

And then there’s the issue of sensitive information you need to send to another party. You shouldn’t use a phone, cell phone, fax, or public email because all of those are so easy to intercept. But if you were using a private, encrypted email network, you could send sensitive information with 100% confidence.

If you’re a WiFi user, you really are vulnerable. Most WiFi networks are not protected, not up-to-date, which means when you log on and start sending email, every keystroke of yours can easily be intercepted by another laptop user just yards away. However, a private, encrypted email network would save you.

Okay, enough day dreaming. There really is a private email network that offers one-to-one private and encrypted messaging and file transfers. It’s about time, actually. The new private system is called “Eyes Only Email” and it’s free to register. The software is also free.

By the Numbers
100 - 150 million

Estimated number of PCs on the Internet that are under the control of hackers.

Percentage of people that accept End User License Agreements without reading the text, according to a Lavasoft poll.

Number of people who responded to a Lavasoft poll that they have been a victim of a phishing attack. With a total of 4,966 people answering the Lavasoft survey, nearly half of those surveyed have been scammed by a phisher.
15-60 minutes

Estimated timeframe for how often Zlob Trojans update and change in order to avoid detection, according to Lavasoft researchers. ( )

If you’re unhappy with the public email network, then take yourself off the grid and go private for one-on-one communications. You’ll enjoy absolute privacy, encryption, and confidence.

We will setup your new account, find the best email program for your personal needs, and teach you how to use it effectively. Let our team at Nexxis Network Solutions take care of you.

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